The Benefits of Cheap Sunglasses

Here's some great advice on buying "Cheap Sunglasses" from Dr. D a Bridgeton NJ Optometrist wrote a great myth-busting article, Go get yourself some (cheap) sunglasses, on why even cheap sunglasses are important, especially on vacation: When you wake up in the morning and the light is hurt your head
The first thing you do when you get up out of bed
Is hit that streets a-runnin’ and try to beat the masses
And go get yourself some cheap sunglasses.....
ZZ Top knows what’s up. And thankfully, it is pretty easy to find a pair of sunglasses that looks good and protects your eyes — no matter what your budget is. To help make the experience of buying a pair of sunglasses a little less confusing, here’s the truth about some of the most common myths about sunglasses: Myth #1: Sunglasses with 100% UV protection are expensive False: You do not have to pay a premium for proper UV protection. While more expensive sunglasses may offer more stylish frames, higher quality lenses, sharper ima…

Enjoying Spring on the Outer Banks

Though the beach will always be the biggest draw, one of the best things about the Outer Banks, outside of summer with no breeze, is the beauty of the plants and animals which call the maritime forests home. As soon as I read this, Spring birds in the OBX Barrier Islands, it made me want to stand up and take a hike. After the long damp winter days, spring is always a huge change along the Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina is the place to be in early spring. The mosquitos have not resumed control of the airspace yet. Birds migrating along the Atlantic Flyway bird migration route either pass directly over the barrier islands or find places to rest at the beaches, the forests of the coasts or the marshes. The resident birds don’t seem to mind. North Carolina has spent years developing a concentrated network of birding trails from the mountains to the coast.

The living room and kitchen of our small third floor condo at Hatteras Village faced the Atlantic Ocean. Every…

Can a Single Family Home on the Outer Banks Be 24 Bedrooms?

Posted by OBX on Friday, April 14, 2017 A new lawsuit in Currituck County on the Outer Banks is set to determine what exactly a single family home on the Outer Banks and in North Carolina, actually is. The Virginian-Pilot has some excellent background on the lawsuit and everything that has taken place so far.

The courts, the neighbors, Currituck County and the owners of a 24-bedroom event house set among the Outer Banks dunes remain at loggerheads over one question: Is it a single-family dwelling or not?
The controversy began four years ago, before the home’s foundation was started. Last week, homeowner Elizabeth Letendre sued Currituck County, arguing that the $4.6 million property with enough beds to sleep 50 people is a single-family house.

The county’s development ordinance and state codes do not set a size or bedroom limit for houses, according to the lawsuit. The county agreed in a 2013 letter that the home fit the residential zoning there and granted a building permit in 20…

Outer Banks Recipe: Spaghetti and Clams

Definitely among one of my favorite summertime seafood dishes is  fresh littleneck clams and spaghetti.  The white wine, garlic butter sauce is a light complement to the pasta on a hot summer’s day.  Combining a few good ingredients yields an excellent tasting dish even the first time you try it. Ingredients 1 Pound of Spaghetti1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil1/4 cup minced garlic1/2 cup white wine (dry preferred)1/2 Vidalia Onion (finely minced)4 tablespoons butter (cubed)1 teaspoon red pepper flakesSea SaltGround Black PepperParmesan cheese as garnish In a large pot bring water to a boil and cook spaghetti about 8 minutes until “al dente.” Be sure to stir the pasta to prevent it from sticking together. While your bringing the water to a bail.  Take a large saute pan add olive oil and bring to a medium-high heat.  Add garlic and onions and saute until onions are translucent. Next add the wine, butter and red pepper flakes.  Once this is combined, salt and pepper to taste. Finally add cl…

Learn More About How Pirates Make Rum

There's a recent article in the Tennessean, Uncommon experiences in coastal Outer Banks, N.C., that offers some Outer Banks must-see vacation stops, from the wild horses in Carova to hang gliding at Jockeys Ridge.

While most people are familiar with those, the article also provide an excellent background on one of the newer and more important places to make a stop on any Outer Banks vacation, the rum tour at Outer Banks Distilling.

Check out what they had to say:
Outer Banks Distilling Rum lovers are lining up for the “Molasses to Glasses” tour at Outer Banks Distilling, producers of Kill Devil Rum. This craft distillery was opened only last year by four guys who knew the beer brewing industry, but also had a passion for rum, which is enjoying a resurgence.

In the 17th century, rum was known as “Kill Devil,” and with Kill Devil Hills nearby, it seemed natural to open a distillery, playing on local stories about barrels of the spirit that frequently washed ashore after a shipwreck.

Update on the Bonner Bridge Replacement

Below is a video update from Dare County on the Bonner Bridge Replacement. More information on the Bonner Bridge can be found on the NCDOT site.

April Visit to the Outer Banks from White Shark Cisco

The OCEARCH Twitter had a pretty interesting tweet just a couple hours ago. Looks like the Outer Banks and particularly the Pamlico Sound could have a pretty good-sized visitor named Cisco.

8ft white shark @Shark_Cisco pings inside Pamlico Sound. He's most likely on the outside. We need another ping! — OCEARCH (@OCEARCH) April 14, 2017
You can track Cisco via his page on OCEARCH:

We doesn't agree with Chris Fischer.
Who doesn't love @CapeHatterasNPS No surprise @Shark_Cisco nearby.Likely on outside of beach mov'n N. Need another ping — Chris Fischer (@ChrisOCEARCH) April 14, 2017