Outer Banks Waterpark Construction Update April 2017

Outer Banks Real Estate Consultant Mike Bishal of Great Escapes Realty, www.greatescapesobx.com, sent in the picture above of the on-going construction of the Outer Banks waterpark. It has been reported, that the waterpark could eventually be the largest in the nation encompassing almost 95 acres.

The Virginian-Pilot also recently reported on the on-going construction,
The dozens of bright yellow curved tubes on the ground soon will be connected into slides bearing names like Dune Runner, Wild Horse Run and Storm Chaser, filled with water and children screaming with delight. 
Bulldozers move earth into the right places on the 95-acre property roughly a 6-mile drive from the Outer Banks beaches. Carpenters erect the wood frames of buildings that will house restaurants, souvenir stores and candy shops. Contractors pour concrete pads for the bases of rides and other attractions. 
The $46 million H2OBX Waterpark under construction in southern Currituck County will include more than 20 slides, an “adventure river” flowing in a quarter-mile circle, four “activity pools” with ropes and other attractions, and a 450,000-gallon wave pool. A tower slide will reach eight stories above the countryside. Cabanas will be available for rent.
The H2OBX website, h2obxwaterpark.com , has a list of the planned attractions and amenities:
  • Twin Tides dual entry Wave Pool
  • FlowRider®, Surfing Simulator
  • 30,000 square foot Action Wave Pool
  • Adventure Lagoon featuring balance, climb and crawl across floats and structures
  • Two high-speed Colorado Drop tube rides over 500 feet long and 71 feet long
  • 90-foot tall Aqua Drop launch capsule free fall slide
  • 90-foot tall Flat Line Loop body slides with launch capsule translucent fiberglass
  • 50-foot drop Boomerango inner tube ride wall stall and Aqua Lucent lighting
  • SuperBowl thrill ride with Aqua Lucent lighting and open bowl with a distinctive sawtooth edge
  • 500-foot long Constrictor slide featuring high-speed tight turns
  • 500-foot long Boomerango family raft ride with drops, weightless wall and zero gravity hump
  • 540-foot long family raft ride over 540 feet long with open and enclosed sections and Aqua Lucent lighting
  • Five Kid’s body and tube slides offering turns and loops
  • Pirate themed aqua play structure with more than 70 interactive features and seven slides including the Champagne Bowl body slide
  • 50 Cabanas

The map of the waterpark looks amazing! 

And this video has us ready to go!

In addition to the loads of fun the location of the waterpark in Currituck County should be great for the local economy and possible even for those who interested in investing in an Outer Banks vacation home.