3 Places You Need to Hike on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is known throughout the world for many of its various outdoor activities. From fishing to surfing to the birthplace of flight, to name a few, the Outer Banks is home to many renowned activities. One of the lesser known qualities of the Outer Banks is the collection of biking, hiking and walking trails.

Some wouldn’t believe that the Outer Banks, which is often named as one of the Best Beach in America, could house so many amazing nature trails. Luckily though, this is the case. Here are some of the finest and most amazing trails any beach has to offer.

Nags Head Woods:

A great trail tucked away deep on the westside of Nags Head is Nags Head Woods. This amazing preserve has over 1,000 acres of maritime forest. This amazing forest is home to fresh water ponds and over 100 different animals. The park is open from dusk to dawn. Try and get there as close to dawn as possible if you wanna see some of the local wildlife. This amazing preserve also hosts a local 5K sponsored by theOuter Banks Running Club.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park:

Jockey’s Ridge State Park The largest sand dune on the East Coast, Jockey’s Ridge is a trail not to be missed. The peak of Jockeys Ridge is ever changing, depending on the prevailing winds. The park is home to some amazing wildlife. There are two types of foxes, raccoons, deer, and numerous other animals make their home here. The park is best traveled early morning for two reasons–the best time to see the wildlife is early morning and the sun really heats up the sand in the summer. Think 10-20 degrees above the air temperature.

Buxton Woods:

This amazing 2500 acre acre maritime forest, of which 825 acres are currently being used, is located on Hatteras Island. Buxton Woods offers some absolutely one of a kind experiences with Mother Nature. It is the largest remaining maritime forest in North Carolina. The diversity that the forest offers is simply amazing. Walking through the perfectly sheltered enviroment is like going back in time.

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