5 Wedding Venues on the Outer Banks

Planning a wedding on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina is a great way to set your nuptials against a memorable, romantic background. Because there are so many gorgeous locations on the Outer Banks, it can be difficult to narrow down the wedding venue or location options to find the perfect choice. If you are looking for something a little more special than the classic beachfront wedding and casual barbecue, you might be interested in some of the most popular wedding venues in the Outer Banks. Here are 5 Outer Banks wedding venues and some of their incredible offerings and amenities.

Marshes Lighthouse

Lighthouses are the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Lighthouses were used in the days before global positioning systems and ship radar. In order to guide a boat safely into port, a light was kept burning in the tops of these buildings. The Marches Lighthouse in the Outer Banks is a beautiful allegory for marriage itself. A quaint pier and charming, red-roofed lighthouse create an ideal setting for an intimate and memorable wedding.

Jeanette’s Pier

Jeanette’s Pier takes a pier wedding to the next level. Unlike the quaint and intimate Marshes Lighthouse, this famous Outer Banks pier is able to accommodate a large number of guests. The house built on the pier is actually a large catering center and dining hall, so you can transition directly from your pier wedding to a candlelit reception without having to travel at all. Huge cathedral ceilings, classic wood paneling, and upscale lighting fill the reception hall, making this a glamorous location to tie the knot.

Elizabethan Gardens

What is more romantic than beautiful Elizabethan gardens with their carefully pruned hedgerows, beautiful landscaping, and intricate, labyrinthine designs? The Elizabethan Gardens in the Outer Banks are quite popular as a backdrop for beautiful, classic weddings. Brick gates, Renaissance statues, and a perfect Elizabethan gazebo simply add to the potential of this wedding venue.

Whalehead Club

A charming historic house in the Outer Banks, the Whalehead Club was built in the 1920s and recently restored to all of its historic glory. This is the perfect venue for an indoor wedding and reception. The house is filled with history and period furnishings, so you will be whisked back in time when you plan your wedding here.

North Carolina Aquarium

Why go the traditional route with your wedding? If you love to live on the edge, consider holding your wedding at the North Carolina Aquarium in the Outer Banks. Exchange vows with your special someone against a backdrop of colorful and exotic marine life.