Buying a Vacation Home in Corolla

Corolla, North Carolina has long stood as one of the finest resort communities along the Outer Banks.  Its secluded location as the Northernmost town of the Outer Banks, Corolla is only now coming into its own.  A new bridge connecting Corolla to mainland Currituck, will help continue this transformation.  Its growing status as an East Coast resort town has many homes in Corolla offering strong seasonal rental income.

Rental income for homes in Corolla are determined by a number of factors.  Some of the most important factors include amenities, location (oceanside – soundside), community (Where the home is located).  Some of the most requested amenities for Corolla vacation homes include private pools, hot tubs, pool tables, saunas, media rooms, and gourmet kitchens.

Location is also an important factor in determining how much rental income a home may generate.  Corolla oceanfront homes can often be included among the highest grossing rental homes.  Homes located on the semi-oceanfront or oceanside can also offer high rental returns.

In addition to location, the community in which a home is located can play a factor in the total number of yearly rental income.  Some of the most requested Corolla communities are Corolla Light, Buck Island, Pine Island, Whalehead Club, and the Villages at Ocean Hill.