Choosing A Menu for Your Outer Banks Wedding

Choosing the right menu for your Outer Banks wedding can be tough, but here are three foolproof options that will perfectly complement the local scenery.

Local Seafood

A wedding on the Outer Banks is tantalizing close to a variety of fresh-caught and flavorful seafood. So why not tap into the amazing resources of the ocean and delight your guest with a seafood extravaganza? The fishing and crustacean-catching industries near the Outer Banks are thriving producers that can equip you with the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted. You haven’t tried the bounty of the sea until you’ve had fresh local seafood catered at your Outer Banks wedding.

Clam Bakes

Instead of featuring a variety of seafood, why not focus on the flavorful and fun-filled experience of a real Carolina clambake? Buckets full of steaming clams will be great fun for your wedding party and your guests, and you can feast on the clams for which the Outer Banks are famous.

Beach Casual

Weddings are notorious for being elegantly planned and elaborate events. The bride, bridal party, groom, and groomsmen are often decked out to the nines in stylish tuxedos and ball-gown type dresses. For these traditional, over the top weddings, a menu of high quality and gourmet food items is almost a necessity. Not everyone likes elaborate and frill-filled when they are celebrating the beginning of the rest of their lives with that special someone. If you have an understated or more casual personality, you might want to capitalize on the natural beauty of the Outer Banks and leave the frills and furbelows for another time.
Hosting your wedding on a picturesque beach in simple, casual attire is a great way to make your guests feel at ease and emphasize the casual, easy-going love that you and your betrothed share with one another. The perfect complement to a beach casual wedding is a barbecue feast prepared by an expert caterer. Barbecue is beloved by just about everyone, and you are more likely to satisfy your guests when you fill the tables with comforting food. Barbecued chicken, beef, and pork can be paired with potato salad, green salads, crackers, meat and cheese trays, and other finger-food offerings for an intimate and memorable event.
No matter what type of wedding menu you select, it’s important to choose a high-quality caterer who can listen to your specific needs and fulfill them. Choosing a caterer who is willing to work with you and customize your menu based on your personal preferences will dramatically reduce the stress that is almost unavoidable on your big day.