Choosing the Best Season for your Outer Banks Wedding

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is picturesque and beautiful. Temperate climates, an abundance of green trees and natural wildlife, and stunning oceanfront views along the miles of high quality shoreline make this location a dream spot for tying the knot with your special someone. Planning a wedding, especially a destination wedding on the Outer Banks, will require a great deal of organization and preparation. Because a destination wedding involves travel to and from the wedding location for you and your guests, it is important to select the right time of the year for your picturesque Outer Banks wedding

The perfect season for your wedding will largely depend on how you want your wedding to feel and where you want it to be located. If you are interested in a casual, beach fun wedding where your guests can enjoy the surf and the sunshine, you’ll likely want to schedule your wedding during the late spring or summer months. On the other hand, if you’re looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a cooler climate, autumn and winter may be a better choice. Don’t forget to factor in your wedding’s venue when choosing the right season. Indoor weddings are very versatile in the Outer Banks, but outdoor weddings rely heavily on ideal weather conditions.


During the autumn months, the flora in the Outer Banks begins turning a variety of beautiful, golden shades. The weather becomes cooler in the evening, but temperatures are still mild because of off-shore breezes. Precipitation may be an issue for outdoor weddings scheduled in the months of fall because rainfall averages start to increase when the weather begins to turn. Still, autumn is a beautiful season for your Outer Banks wedding.


Winter is probably the least popular season for an Outer Banks wedding simply because temperatures may be too low to make outdoor, beachfront weddings a realistic option. On the other hand, the prices of wedding venues and public facilities may be much less expensive during these off-season months. Rain is, again, an issue, but an indoor wedding at reduced facility rental rates may be a great compromise.


Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in the Outer Banks. The area is starting to come alive both with renewed plant life and renewed tourist activity. If mild temperatures and fresh breezes are what you’re looking for, the spring months are right for you.


Summer is high-season at the Outer Banks. Rainfall has slumped and the days are filled with warm temperatures and sunshine. Beachfront weddings are perfect when planned during this season, but increased tourist crowds may make private ceremonies hard to come by.