Planning An Oceanfront Wedding on the Outer Banks

An oceanfront wedding on the Outer Banks has the potential to be a beautiful, extraordinary, and momentous occasion during which you will celebrate the love that has grown between you and your significant other. Before you get swept away by wedding bells, however, there are some important wedding elements to consider.


Choosing an officiant to preside over your wedding is an important first-step in the planning process. When you are planning an Outer Banks wedding, you’ll need to decide if you want a religious ceremony or a nontraditional wedding ceremony. You can find male and female officiants with different types of experience and officiating styles to complement the personalities of you and your significant other.


One of the most memorable parts of any wedding is the music that plays during and after the ceremony. Music has a unique way of communicating the nearly indescribable concepts of love and devotion. You can find musicians to play live music at your wedding or select from many talented Outer Banks DJs who can select popular and classic tunes to accompany your special day. The right wedding music will make your special day a perfect memory.


A high quality caterer can turn your wedding into an extraordinary and memorable event. Caterers are highly professional individuals who can work with you to create a menu that will complement your wedding’s theme and style. Whether you are interested in a sit down menu with multiple courses, a classic Outer Fronts clam bake with all the fixings, or a casual beach-style barbecue, the right caterer can help you achieve this. You can search for caterers in the area and set up meetings to discuss menu options, prices, and additional catering services.

Equipment Rental

It’s important to have the right equipment and accessories at a wedding. Items like portable dance floors, stages, sound equipment, tables, chairs, and serving tables are necessary items. Instead of purchasing these items outright for your Outer Banks wedding, you can rent these items for a small fee.


You’ll want to capture your special day and immortalize the vows you exchange with your significant other with photos and videos. High quality photographers and videographers can be quite pricey, but the keepsakes that you will receive from these professionals are invaluable. Spend some time interviewing and consulting with photographer and videographers in the Outer Banks area before making your decision. Evaluate services, prices, and portfolios to make sure you select the right professional.