Setting Up an Outer Banks Clambake

Renting a home on the beautiful and picturesque Outer Banks of North Carolina is a great way to take in the natural and undisturbed sites of the east coast while simultaneously enjoying quality time with your family.
The Outer Banks is enormously popular as a getaway location because the weather is beautiful during the summer months, the tourist activities are fun and exciting, the natural vistas are jaw-dropping, and the local cuisine will just about knock your socks off. While there is plenty of dining options on the Outer Banks, sometimes you may just want to stay at home and enjoy a catered meal with your family.
One of the best ways to experience the diverse seafood of the Outer Banks is clam bake style. Enjoy a blend of great local OBX seafood and vegetables all steamed to perfection and then served with drawn butter, cocktail, Old Bay seasoning and some outstanding sides. For those who don’t enjoy seafood, we offer some excellent options including steaks, BBQ chicken, ribs, burgers, and more.

Setting Up Your Own Clambake

A few things you will need to setup your own Outer Banks clambake is a large pot, plenty of your favorite seafood, and lots of paper towels. Depending on the number of people vacationing with you, and if you are planning your meals in advance, it can be worthwhile to bring an outdoor turkey fryer and pot with you, so you can handle setting up the clambake outside with plenty of pot space.

Make sure you have a steam basket insert, then add the water, beer, some old bay, and a couple half lemons. Let the water start heating up, while you setup the basket to cook. You’ll want to layer everything in the order of time it takes to cook.

Starting From the Bottom

  1. Potatoes
  2. Corn
  3. Whole Crabs
  4. Crab Legs
  5. Shrimp
  6. Clams
  7. Mussels

You get the idea. Then the secret an Outer Banks chef shared, is once you drop the steamer basket in, and close the lid. Weigh the lid down with some rocks that are nearby. This will allow the steam in the pot to build up, instead of escaping as easily.

Not ready to tackle your own clambake, you can always have one brought to you.

A Clam Bake Brought To You

One of the most popular things to do when you’ve rented a vacation property on the Outer Banks is to cater an in-house meal for you and your entire family or vacation group. Staying at home on vacation is a great way to relax, and with a catered meal, you’ll have a full stomach without all of the hard work required to prepare a meal.
A delectable clambake is a great way to experience the local cuisine without wrestling with the huge tourist populations. Catering companies can deliver buckets full of freshly steamed and seasoned clams, and you can spend hours cracking the clam shells and devouring the flavorful meat inside.
Once you’ve ordered a clambake to be delivered to or prepared at your rental home, though, you will have one problem: deciding where to enjoy your sunset clambake.


A clambake by the pool is a perfect way to enjoy this local feast. Many rental or vacation homes in the Outer Banks have beautiful pools with ocean views. Kids can splash around in the pool while the adults lounge around the patio and enjoy the delicious clams that have been captured from local shores.


A large deck with numerous seating areas is another great location to enjoy your clam bake with friends and family. Decks are perfect locations because they allow you to enjoy the outdoor temperatures and beautiful Outer Banks scenery while still sitting in comfortable seating where you can easily relax.


If the weather has turned cold or the skies are pouring rain, a clambake is just as festive and delicious when hosted indoors. You can mingle with friends and family while you savor a plate full of fresh and delicious clams.